Tony Baxter: A Journey into Imagination

ThemeParkRider presents “Tony Baxter: A Journey into Imagination,” a mini-documentary exploring the career of the legendary Disney Imagineer. Tony is best known as the man behind some of Disney’s greatest attractions like Big Thunder mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain, as well as the creation of Disneyland Paris. His contributions to the Disney theme parks are undeniably imaginative and worth celebrating.

Diegetic Sound


In life, whether you’re watching a Broadway Show, a live band, or your favorite action film, one of the most unappreciated aspects is the sound design. Generally, the audience only notices it when something goes wrong (I bet you weren’t really thinking about the singer’s microphone until you heard that horrible screeching feedback). In this article, I will discuss the use of diegetic sound in Disney rides – more specifically, within the music soundtrack of the rides.

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