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Ride POVs

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland

HD POV of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Resort, California. Filmed in May 2017. This video includes the soon to be removed red head auction scene.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Disneyland

HD POV of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Resort, California. Filmed in May 2017. You can see some of the construction for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Matterhorn Bobsleds POV HD – Disneyland California

This POV is of the Fantasyland (right) side. Front seat, second car HD POV of the Matterhorn Bobsleds roller coaster at Disneyland Park. There’s a little camera glitch partway through, sorry about that.

Radiator Springs Racers POV HD – Disney California Adventure

POV of the Radiator Springs Racers attraction at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure. This ride, which opened in 2012, is a dark ride/thrill ride that uses the same “slot car” technology as Test Track at Epcot… with a little twist at the end.

Star Tours Vintage POV (2007) | Disney-MGM Studios

Here’s a throwback to the ORIGINAL Star Tours attraction before it was updated to the current randomized version that is running today. This POV also features some shots of the queue. Enjoy!

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh POV HD – Disneyland California

A full HD ride-through of the Pooh dark ride located in Critter Country at Disneyland Park, CA. The ride replaced Disneyland’s version of Country Bear Jamboree in 2003. Filmed in May 2017.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train POV HD | Walt Disney World

Full Ride POV of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster at Walt Disney World. This coaster was built as part of the “New Fantasyland” addition to the Magic Kingdom in 2014. This was filmed in June, 2018. Enjoy!

Disney Attraction Experience

Episode 1: Diegetic Sound

Today we’re going to look at the creative choices Disney Imagineers made when designing the overall feel of their attractions’ soundtracks. And of course we’re going to look at two of the best Disney attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion!
This is Episode One of the Disney Attraction Experience, the series where I analyze Disney rides using film terminology.

Disney History

History of Disney Ride Systems (Part One)

Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, the Peoplemover… they’re great attractions, right?. But the average person probably doesn’t think much about the ride vehicles that take them through their favorite attractions. In this video I go way back to the early days of Disneyland and take us through the history of the ride systems as they were developed over the years.

History of Disney Ride Systems (Part Two)

A continuation of my first video, I discuss some of the innovations in the ride systems for Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Tower of Terror, DINOSAUR, and Indiana Jones Adventure… all fantastic attractions!

Haunted Mansion Secret Tombstones

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve stood in line on a hot, muggy, Florida day. Waiting and waiting, you glance at the tombstone inscriptions before you finally get some air conditioning. Perhaps you even knew that all those tombstones in line were references to real people. But perhaps you’ve wondered… who exactly are these people? Well wonder no more!
Get ready to read, folks.

The Haunted Mansion Raven

It’s another Disney video! Ever notice that raven that follows you throughout the Haunted Mansion? What’s the deal with that? In this video I explain the significance of this little creature.

How Big are the Disney Parks?

Today I’m gong to compare the size of Walt Disney World not only to Disneyland in CA, but also its fellow competitor Universal Studios in Orlando. Spoiler: Walt Disney World is really, really big. So I also give some pointers to help start planning your vacation, as well as a little historical insight as to why WDW is so big!

Then and Now | Magic Kingdom – 1998 vs. 2018

I took my old family vacation videos and filmed the same locations twenty years later!
This video covers the footage I have of Magic Kingdom: The entrance to Mickey’s Toontown Fair, Ariel’s Grotto and the 20,000 Leagues Lagoon, and finally some footage of Pirates of the Caribbean. Beyond the obvious Jack Sparrow additions, there’s been some subtle changes to the costumes and music. I left the source audio intact.
Another 1998 Then and Now video covering the remaining three parks will be on its way after my next trip in a few months! That video will include MAELSTROM vs. FROZEN EVER AFTER, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and footage of Animal Kingdom in its first year.

Then and Now | Animal Kingdom and Epcot – 1998 vs. 2018

I took my old family vacation videos and filmed the same locations twenty years later!

At Animal Kingdom:
1) Discovery Island Entrance
2) The modified ending to Kilimanjaro Safaris (with elephants removed)
3) Camp Minnie-Mickey vs. Pandora – The World of AVATAR

At Epcot:
1) The Land’s lobby, fountain, and atrium
2) Ellen’s Energy Adventure vs. the construction of the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster
3) Wonders of Life vs. the semi-abandoned Festival Center
4) Test Track’s construction vs. Test Track 2.0


Packing and Arrival | Disneyland Vlog 2017 – Part One

This is day one, where Katie and I share some extremely insightful advice on packing, fly over to California via montage, and finally ingest a delicious meal at Downtown Disney.

Attacked by Stormtroopers! | Disneyland Vlog 2017 – Part Two

Day Two: The best laid plans of mice and men… Our morning tactic was to run to Hyperspace Mountain for fastpasses, snag a ride to the Matterhorn and make our way over toward Pirates of the Caribbean. As you will see, that did not happen at all. Eventually, we got to do everything we wanted to do including a delicious meal at the Blue Bayou, riding the classic rides like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, and of course Dole Whip!
By the end of the day, everything worked out. Despite the fact that it was VERY crowded. And yes, we were at the park from open until close!

Our California Adventure | Disneyland Vlog 2017 – Part Three

Day three of our [California] Adventure: Toy Story Mania, Radiator Springs Racers, Tacos, World of Color, and more! In comparison to our first day, this one was a little more relaxed.

Jack Sparrow Spotted! | Disneyland Vlog 2017 – Part Four

Our final two days at Disneyland. We get evacuated off of Splash Mountain (again) AND Space Mountain, some good eats at the Bengal Barbecue, and Katie takes the camera and spots the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow on a stroll through New Orleans Square.

Hotel Reviews

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside | Review & Room Tour!

We recently stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, a moderate level resort located in the Disney Springs area at Walt Disney World.
Overall, we were thrilled with our experience, so we made this review to list out some of our favorite parts of staying at this resort, as well as some drawbacks and points of consideration for anyone looking into this resort.

The second half of this video features a room tour of a king size bedroom in the Alligator Bayou section.

Resort Overview | 0:42
Dining | 1:36
Using the Buses | 2:04
Room Tour | 3:33
Our Opinion| 4:51

Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Disney World Bus Tips!

Top 10 tips for using the bus system at Walt Disney World! Want to save valuable time and money on your next WDW trip? Disney is famous for the monorails, but most guests using the transportation on property rely much more on the bus system, which is not without its quirks and trade-offs. So come prepared and check out these tips to make your trip easier, more efficient, and overall more enjoyable!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time | 0:31
Transfer to Get to Other WDW Resorts | 1:06
Know the Neaerby Resorts | 1:49
Avoid Shared Routes | 2:15
Remember Your Pickup Location | 3:21
Fold Strollers Ahead of Time | 3:53
Know the Bus Hours | 4:21
Avoid Long Bus Lines | 4:56
Use the Video Monitors | 5:26
Use My Disney Experience | 5:46