About the Site

It feels like just yesterday that I was too petrified to enter the Stretching Room at the Haunted Mansion, and as a result my dad and I discovered that eerie little room with the ringing bells.It feels like just yesterday that I was waiting in line for the Musik Express at my home park, listening to the nearby buzzes and screams of the Freefall ride down the path.It feels like just yesterday that I stood in the hot summer sun, wiped the sweat off of my forehead, and took a drink of butterbeer for the very first time.I’m not a kid anymore, but to this day there is still not one thing that I am more passionate about. After so many years of research, I’ve decided I had to find a productive way to dispose of my “useless information” before I drive my friends and family mad.I actually created my first content as ThemeParkRider when I was about 12. I quickly exhausted myself of any energy to continue, especially as I found other passions in life. I was heavily involved with music in high school and I played in many different types of bands. Finally, my tenure as a musician came to a hiatus.

But my passion for theme parks and everything related still called to me. I decided to entertain myself and rebuild the site from scratch. I haven’t been able to take my hands off since.

I’ve been to Walt Disney World roughly 20 times, and I frequent many other theme parks in my area (I’m a New Jersian). To some, that’s a remarkably high number. Others will mock me for even sharing that. I acknowledge that wholeheartedly. But I like to think that I have enough experience and historical knowledge to make anything I say worth reading.

Themeparkrider.com is a tribute to the joy, entertainment, and art that takes play in the theme park experience. I’m a Disney guy first and foremost, which is why most of the content I create for the site is Disney related, whether its news, reviews, tips, vlogs, podcasts, advice, or whatever else strikes me as something fun to share. I’ve thus coined the unofficial tagline for the site:

“90% Disney, 10% whatever else I want.”

Have fun.